Services Offered

I offer private sessions, utilizing a structured, explicit and multi-sensory approach to literacy instruction. Topics of phonology, morphology, orthography and etymology are addressed, building on previous concepts with frequent review and application. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning are incorporated into reading, spelling, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and writing activities.

Also, I am an NCSEAA Provider and accept ESA+ funds for services. Learn more here-

Education Student Accounts (ESA+) Program

Here is an excellent article by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley about appropriate intervention-
Dyslexia: The Anatomy of an Appropriate and Effective Intervention

Signs of Dyslexia-

Here are more helpful resources as you explore options to help your child or loved one:
International Dyslexia Association-
North Carolina IDA Branch-
Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina-
National Center for Learning Disabilities-

Recommended books:
Dyslexia Advocate!
Overcoming Dyslexia Overcoming Dyslexia
Reading in the Brain Reading in the Brain